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Trying to Capture a Moment in the Pennsylvania Countryside

So, I was on TV watching Stone House Revival and saw this beautiful scene of a Buck's County Pennsylvania barn in the mist.  I loved the way the trees where off over the horizon in the distance.  It immediately caught my eye. I took some artistic license and began my drawing, concentrating on composition.  I… Continue reading Trying to Capture a Moment in the Pennsylvania Countryside

Watercolor Basics, Watercolor Project

How to Salvage a Landscape Watercolor Disaster

So, today, I started my journey into watercolor landscapes.  I want to start going out and capturing some of our city scenery in watercolor.  And one of our iconic locations is the T-heads wharf along shoreline. I live in Corpus Christi, Texas and we have so many nice landscapes to paint. So, I started with… Continue reading How to Salvage a Landscape Watercolor Disaster

Watercolor Basics, Watercolor Project

Sandpiper Project: Part 3 – Final

So, today, I finished my final rendering of the Sandpiper project.  Here is the final result: Overall, I wasn't 100% pleased with the final result. My initial wash went pretty well. Unfortunately, I didn't like the first wash completelety because it was too light, so I found myself going over it again, and then a… Continue reading Sandpiper Project: Part 3 – Final

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Aquafine Travel Watercolor Set and Sketchbook

Today, at lunch time, I set out to buy a sketchbook and watercolor travel set.  I found a really good one.  It's made by Daler-Rowney and called the Aquafine Travel Set. I actually went to a local art store and paid about $29.  You can get it on Amazon much cheaper ($18). "The ideal watercolour… Continue reading Aquafine Travel Watercolor Set and Sketchbook

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Watercolor Masters: Måns Sjöberg

Måns Sjöberg is a swedish painter who specializes in watercolor. I posted this interveiw on another blog a few years ago.  It's and interesting read.  Mr. Sjöberg lives in Lund, Sweden. "Watercolor painting is my favorite occupation since my 4th birthday, when I got a paintbox for present. Because I grew up in a family… Continue reading Watercolor Masters: Måns Sjöberg