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My Third Month of Painting

So, today, I thought I would get caught up on my blog and let you know how things are going.  I started painting in April and now June is here and I’m starting my 3rd month of painting watercolor.

Some of my earlier practice work has been on learning some watercolor technique such as wet on wet and wet on dry , dry brush technique , etc.  In order to take my painting to the next level, I now have my own plein air setup and have been working on a few projects outside.

I’m excited to continue learning and want to really take my painting to a next level and work more in the area of getting my watercolors a little more ‘washy’ and ‘watery’ in a more abstract way.

I guess I’m trying to capture a more ‘atmospheric’ quality to my painting.

In order to progress to this new level, I’ll be traveling to Denver in a few weeks to study with Dan Marshall, an accomplished watercolor artist.

His works are inspiring and have the more atmospheric quality to his paintings.  Here are some of his works and you can visit his website here.

Here are some of Dan’s works:

You can see more of his work HERE.

Here are some of my latest works that I completed in my 3rd month:

Here is my latest plein air painting. I will begin working on getting my subject matter a bit more abstract in nature. I enjoy painting a more realistic subject, but long to make this more abstract  and atmospheric by allowing the color to run a bit more on the paper.

OK, so in my next few works before I meet with Dan for my first set of watercolor lessons, I’ll be working on 1) initial washes, 2) increase my color varieties in my washes, 3) mixing paints more on paper and allowing them to mix as I paint and 4) working more on less specifics in my drawings and more on tones/colors and atmosphere in my painting.

Of course, I will continue to paint in plein air at least once a week on Sundays.


5 thoughts on “My Third Month of Painting”

  1. Making fabulous progress Al, and I’m super jealous of your workshop with Dan Marshall – I get his email updates and follow him on instagram and think his work is superb – I’m sure you’ll find it a revelation to see him paint and get his advice first hand! Great stuff!

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