Watercolor Project

Tanker Projects from The Port of Corpus Christi

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been plein air painting and focusing on a project to capture some of the port area around Corpus Christi, Texas.  One of my friends from facebook suggested I paint the Harbor Bridge, and another suggested the USS Lexington.  The USS Lexington CV-16 is immortalized in Corpus Christi Bay, South Texas, USA as a museum.

If you want to know more about our museum, click here.  (USS Lexington CV-16 Museum)

So, over the past few weeks, I started this project as a few tankers entered and exited our port.  Here is my first work:

The original drawing for the harbor bridge project. Notice how I added the shadow into my drawing. This is not always necessary, but I felt like I needed it to direct my painting.
This was my first ship with the Harbor Bridge in background. It was a breakthrough piece of painting for me. Better color and tone.

I really like how the colors worked in this project. So I focused on the same colors for the USS Lexington. Both works are similar in color and somewhat tone. I was pretty pleased with both works .

USS Lexington Memorial CV-16 – The Blue Ghost of WWII
USS Lexington Memorial CV-16 – The Blue Ghost of WWII

Unlike the first work, this work included the jetty and its walkway with a few figures. The jetty rocks were made simply by using my senior discount card (popularized by Herman Pekel).  This is the simple technique of coloring in the rocks with a deep color and then cutting the card against the paper to create texture.  In this work, I did use a lot of white wash to give the work some depth.

In my last work of this project, I painted a large tanker entering our port.

My original drawing for the Exxon tanker.
Exxon is coming to town! This is a large tanker making its way to the port of Corpus Christi.

Again, in the forground, I used some spackling technique as well as my senior card for some forground texturing. I was quite pleased with this set of paintings, so today, I set out and painted another open air painting of some ships in the port. This time, I used a number of scenes including a tug and pelican to round out my final work. The following is a series of photos from the morning painting. I did finish the work in studio because it started to rain.


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